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Although my passion outside of work is making #healthyshit (check them out here if you haven’t already!!!), I cannot help but think about how to strategize all these content I am posting, especially on measuring their effectiveness in order to craft a better Content Strategy.

This article is a quick ramble of some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of my posts and analysis of what they mean in terms of people’s Interest Level, aka how interested people are in the #healthyshit content I posted the past few days.

This article could be interesting for marketers, content strategists, or people who are thinking of creating impactful content. As jargon-y as it sounds, but first, what’s your KPI? 🙂

Welcome to my brain:

KPI #1 Likes.
Interest Level:
There are a number of possibilities why someone ‘likes’ your post. The reason is very often not about the content of your post at all. On Facebook, they might like 👍🏾 your post because lots of their friends also liked the post. The motivation is mostly social. On Instagram, likes might come from Bots — automated programmes that generate likes for your post based on who you follow, or hashtags you use on your post. So don’t be fooled by the number of ‘likes’ if you really want to measure the effectiveness of your content, it doesn’t tell you the full story.

Friend asking me for the recipe.
Friend asking me for the recipe, and catching up about life.

KPI #2 Friend private messages me about my content.
Interest Level:
Moderate to High.
If you define someone as a ‘friend’, my assumption is you should feel pretty comfortable talking to that person, which means the barrier of communication is low. In a case when a friend messages me about my content, I assume he or she is interested in the content, plus a social motivation as well, especially when the conversation moves on to become a mini-catchup session.

Stranger from ‘Fitness and Nutrition Hong Kong’ sent me a private message.

KPI #3 Stranger private messages me about my content.
Interest Level:
Unknown to High. It depends.
Having posted on several Facebook groups, there were people who I don’t know who private messaged me about my posts. Think about this for a second: What motivates you to talk to a stranger? Assuming there is a higher barrier of communication, my interpretation is they must be interested in the content enough to message someone they don’t know. But ofcourse, there can be other motivations too, such as wanting to sell me something (business motivation)… 🤔

1 Friend shared this post on her social network.

KPI #4 Someone shares my content.
Interest Level:
Unknown to High. It depends.
There are generally two types of people when it comes to social sharing: Some like to share everything they come across online. On the other hand, some like to carefully curate what they post and share only when they truly believe in it. Depending on the type of social sharer the person is, interest level varies from unknown to high. A safe assumption is, if the person is a ‘careful’ social sharer, chances are the content must be communicating the attitude, value or behavior the person also exhibits or aspires to. Hence it is a good sign the content is wanted 🙂 And ofcourse there can be a social motivation too, such as your BFF sharing your post because…BFFs!

13 People ‘saved’ this post in their private collection.

KPI #5 Someone saved my post on Instagram.
Interest Level:
Moderate to High. It depends.
When you switch your Instagram account to a business profile, you can view Instagram’s own KPIs for each post. One of them is ‘Saved’, which keeps track of how many people saved the post to their private collection, a recently added Instagram feature. I personally think ‘Saved’ is the most legit stat on Instagram for now (unless there are Bots that can save posts…), as my assumption is if someone privately saves my post, I assume they are interested in the content and is saving it for future reference. But ofcourse there might be people who likes to save whatever they see on their feed, because the brilliant UX/UI designers at Instagram have made it too easy to do so. So again, people’s real interest level depends on the type of ‘post saver’ they are.

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