Joining the crypto world🚀

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve moved out of HasGeek to join Constellation Labs as a community manager.

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I joined HasGeek as a full-time community manager in January 2017. It’s been a wonderful journey, thanks to the entire team and the amazing community. I must admit that it did seem daunting in the beginning to be thrown into the middle of a community of open source developers, designers, developers who work on bleeding edge tech. What do I talk with them? Am I an outsider?(Imposter syndrome is a bi*ch).

Fast forward a couple of months, I found myself discussing topics ranging from current DevOps practices, ethics in AI, to design prototyping, and more, with some the best people. Wow! Who would’ve thought. I was also entrusted with the responsibility of curating and putting together a series of mini-conferences as the Editor. …

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

How do you learn? What do you decide to learn and and why? We want to know!

Learning is necessary for those of us in technology since things change so fast. Question is: what do you choose to learn and why?

Last week, we started a conversation on Twitter about which avenues facilitate learning for you:

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Here are a few insights from the discussion on Twitter:

We want to hear from you. What are the different touch points in your life where you felt the need for learning? Where or who did you turn to at such times?

The HasGeek Newsletter💌

Node.js Hacknight

Stay up all night and hack your Node.js project together

HasGeek hacknights bring together clever nightowls to work on pet projects. The next one, starting at 5 pm on Saturday, 24 February, is all about digging into Node.js. We’ll have mentors on hand to help you with any hurdles and our sponsor, Circles.Life, is looking to hire for their Singapore office, so show them what you’ve got. Food and coffee are on us!

Sign up here:
Time: 24–25 Feb 2018, 5:00 pm–10:00 am
Venue: HasGeek house

What do you want to see at Rootconf 2018? Let us know!

This week we’re reaching out to get your voice — on our stage, in our writing, and your vote on talk proposals.


Shreyas Narayanan

All things open | Community Manager at CoinList| 👨‍🚒 at @cmxblr | 👨‍🏫 @mozlearn | 👀 #blockchain | ❤️ Startups

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