Does Overseas Basing Make Sense for Today’s Military?
Dave Mattingly

Thanks Dave — I’ll have to read the book, and I promise to dive in w/out an attitude.

My overseas experience isn’t described here at all. At times tense w/locals and there was the criminal element on both sides of the fence, for the most part however, the mission was understood by the military and the host.

For finding the next hot spot? Closing bases often causes them (Philippines). I do think that w/out the forward deployed US bases in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region we would not be prepared for any Chinese or North Korean threat (I’ve read that India has the largest navy in the world). Over the years we’ve done things better and more efficiently, and maybe books like this will ensure improvements remain a priority…so thanks for the article! I look forward to the book.

v/r, duna sends…

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