How To Select the ‘Right’ Versus the ‘Best’ Investment

As a Business Owner & Entrepreneur…And as a Father of Two and Loving Husband I MUST ensure my investment portfolio is RIGHT for my family.


As a Successful Investment Strategist I am often asked for my opinion on different types of ‘deals’.

“Hey Duncan, is this the BEST investment for me?”

“What Do You Think Of This Option? Are There BETTER options Out There?”


Because it’s about aligning your personal goals — current and future — with your investment strategy. Therefore your investments must SUPPORT your LIFESTYLE. Too many investor select product or assets based on attempting to analyse the investment as a ‘stand-alone’ item. It’s not!!

It will affect your everyday lifestyle if you muck it up.

Understand which is the RIGHT investment for you and WHY you want it. This is more important than trying to find the BEST.

Because BEST is always about ‘competing’ with something else. To be BEST than something has to be worse — or at least LESS THAN BEST.

So Remember — Select what is RIGHT for you — rather than try and pick the next best thing. The Right investment will give your results, meet your goals and be Authentic with your lifestyle.

Give it a go :-)