Introducing the Nifty Gateway marketplace — buy and sell any nifty with a credit card instantly

It feels cliche at this point to say that the UX of crypto collectibles is holding back wider adoption, but it remains true.

Today, we are launching the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Additionally, the talented Griffin Marc Cock Foster has joined me as a co-founder of Nifty Gateway.

The Nifty Gateway marketplace lets you buy and sell any crypto collectible instantly, using just a credit card. Check it out here.

No gas. No crypto currency. Buying and selling nifties just became as easy as buying and selling baseball cards.

How can I buy a nifty on Nifty Gateway?

Go to our marketplace. Pick a nifty. Enter your credit card info and hit purchase. You’re done!

(You can also choose between sending the nifty to your Metamask wallet or your Nifty Gateway account. Make sure your Metamask wallet is unlocked or this option won’t appear)

How can I sell a nifty on Nifty Gateway?

Go to, go to your Metamask wallet and click on a nifty in it. Pick a price and click ‘Put on Sale,’ and a Metamask transaction will appear. Send the transaction to approve your Nifty Gateway account to sell the nifty for you.

Our system will track the approval, and once it has been confirmed, your nifty will be posted for sale.

What happens once I’ve sold?

When you’ve successfully sold a nifty, the amount of the purchase minus fees will be added to your Nifty Gateway balance.

You can cash out your Nifty Gateway balance to USDC on your profile page.

Send a nifty to anyone, pay with a credit card

You can still send a nifty in your Nifty Gateway account to any email address, and you can pay for the transfer with a credit card. Share your love of nifties!

There is nothing more to say.

Tbh, is pretty self explanatory, just go look at it. Go crazy!




Decentralization enthusiast, excited about all that is happening right now.

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Duncan Cock Foster

Duncan Cock Foster

Decentralization enthusiast, excited about all that is happening right now.

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