From Baird to Worse:
Lachlan Phillips

It’s clearly been obvious to me that this is Baird’s plan from the start when he started sacking councils. Westconnex have heavy interest in this as they’re looking at long term investments from us, the consumers. But like any consumer product, roads and transport are not different.


A business revenue model will be defeated when you stop buying their products. It sends a very clear message to their corporate marketing department and up to higher management that you’re not happy with their product and therefore will not be spending money with them.

WHEREAS THE PEOPLE can stand up in numbers, not by protesting, not by being pulled from the streets for up to 14 days with no charges, but by simply not using their toll roads (period). Let them build their monstrosities, and let them fall to bankruptcy when no one uses them.

I can’t say that no one will use the toll road, but I can say that people can be aware that these roads were built by stealing land from our fellow man in the attempt to profit the already and well-off, corporate bullies we call the Liberal party.


Did you know Transurban have been secretly testing how 1200 people drive in Victoria and are thinking about charging the people of this great nation a toll for driving on ALL our roads via a GPS tracking device. There was mention that we could choose one of 3 payment types. Either a flat rate per trip, pay 10c per kilometre, or pay a flat rate per month. How do you feel about that?


I will put it to you that you seriously consider not voting for Liberal, Labor, Nationals and Greens this June. You will need to do your own research and consider independents who care about the people, care not for corporations dodging the taxman and have respect for their fellow man.


On the 16 February 2010 the M4 motorway was handed back to the government stating it will always be free. I believe that was a mistake as now it’s now under scrutiny as motorists are now starting to hear beeps from the Westconnex toll collection points. How soon till we’re being billed for yet another road?


Did you know that IPART (Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal) have proposed changes to the NSW Opal Card? No, well you’re up for a shock!

These changes will remove free travel after the first 8 trips and start charging us 50% of the cost of every trip. There will also be hikes on the maximum daily cap from $15 to $18 and say goodbye to free travel or heavily discounted travel on Sundays. They are proposing $7.20 cap per day.

Pensioners, you’re not safe either. There’s an additional increase for your Gold cards from $2.50 to $3.60 per day of use.

They are also proposing a 4.2% increase per year which is much higher than the inflation rate.

There is speculation that this will take effect from the 1st of July, and on other media reports the government is still deciding if they will take merit to this proposal.

If you love this country, but care not for the way our government is running our lives with increases in taxes and fares, speak out now. Join my petition.


Thank you.

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