The sounds and furies; of madmen.

To be honest, having the name Duncan has always connected me to the play Macbeth. At a young age after learning about Macbeth, I found that I could compare it to my family as well as my life. With at sometimes my mother being all three witches, my brother (sometimes wanting to kill me) being Macbeth and my father being Malcolm because when he was off at work it seemed he was in far off lands. As I became older I grew to resent the play as people constantly seemed to compare me to it and its characters, which made me feel as if I was not my own person and rather whatever I did was predetermined by this play, a horrible thought I know. This then pulled me away from the path of reading and experiencing Shakespeare in all its beauty; in a word, I brought myself-down with my fatal flaw of pride, bring me to my end in the sense of expanding my soul through the world of literature. Shakespeare seemingly knew that what he wrote would still haunt mankind in today’s modern age. We all know from reading Macbeth that the idea of a fatal flaw bringing you to your doom is inevitable and in the case of many of Shakespeare’s Characters in many of his plays, those flaws are what he draws his Inspirations off. If it were Othello and his jealousy, Macbeth and his ambition or even Hamlet’s inability to act, we all know it ends in the same way, with them dying a painful, regret-filled death. In many cases within Macbeth, we see that it is not just Macbeth who has a fatal flaw as many characters have them but are not necessarily killed by them. Just liked these people many of us today have fatal flaws with some bringing people to their social, physically or even mentally end as they succumbing to it, while others just sweep it under the carpet and let it fester. For me I was that person that was consumed by my pride and sense of worth but luckily, I was brought back to the light many years later.

The idea of how a fatal flaw shapes one’s life is an interesting one, as within the play of Macbeth we see that his flaw lead him to his death, and in today’s society it ends in the social death for many. The most obvious example is Donald Trump who like Macbeth, wished to be King and came from a background that was ‘gainst nature still’ that changed the game of ruler that we know it to be! But, due to him having such a bad reputation already (one that that will not change as quickly as Australian prime ministers) I wish to go against the norm and speak about politics that is happening right here in Australia….. Wait, what politics! There are so many similarities of the recent scandal of regicide in Australian parliament to the play of Macbeth. Peter Dutton a man who was told by the Australian public as well as many members of the Liberal Party that he was more fit to rule than the current ruler (argh SCOMO, we see what you were doing, trying to get Dutton to do all the dirty work), acting as the witches did to Macbeth, shouting praises and prophecies of success and greatness!! Hmm, well who could have predicted that my boi Tony, the miserable ghost would jump on the bandwagon with a chance to once again seek the throne? Maybe the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA!!! My boi Tony in the heat of this scandal acted as the temptress that pulled at Dutton’s strings as it was his desire to be Prime Minister or at least hold power once again; just as Lady Macbeth did with Macbeth, as they were both ‘ too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way. Thou wouldst be great, art not without ambition, without the illness should attend it’. But as it seems ‘life is a tale told by a fool’, and in the end, we truly got the fool.

Many of people who seek greatness through the demise of others or who are absorbed in their own importance fall. Like Lance Armstrong knowing that the only way to win was through drugs, succumbing to his pride or Tonya Harding hiring a thug to break her opponent’s (who she knew would win) leg, falling to her jealous. Well, we see that Macbeth the disciple of Set, and Dutton the glutton were ‘greeted with present grace and great prediction of noble having and of royal hope’ and desired more, and more and more, to the point where they both died… hopefully in the case of Dutton, that the aftermath of those turn of events just killed his reputation as we know his fatal flaw of greed and overall integrity just overwhelmed him and brought him down within the public eye of Australia. He and Macbeth as well as the people mentioned before were just like the Greek fable of Icarus, who flew to close to the sun on wings made of wax and feathers ignoring his father WARNING with the sun then yeeting his body to the earth (a video to show what the sun did to Icarus and what I meant by yeeting).

Well goodbye and may tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow, creep in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools; the way to dusty death.

Speaker for the dead
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