Let’s just say I’ve been on some pretty contentious forums over the past few years, and I see…
Ron Collins

Blunt is good, you know where you stand. Having said that, I have a cousin who occasionally visits with his three children and they are all trained in proper yes please, no thank you, may I have one etiquette. It’s so refreshing to hear children with manners, they really stand out as being respectful.

I’m assuming you’re an American from the sir business. Yes, time marches on. All my mates are either married or getting married, having kids, the next wave will probably be divorces (what an optimistic friend). It’s an excuse to have a drink with them if nothing else. I’ve never been married, and not in any rush either.

I’ve come to appreciate that women got the short end of the stick in the biological clock department, like ticking time bomb Cinderellas. I don’t envy young women, juggling finding Mr Disney, lean in work feminism and Mother Nature’s ruthless time keeping. You can even calculate the total number of opportunities a woman has left to get pregnant. All my American friends got married and had kids much younger, I think that’s a good policy.

Feminism of yesteryear has done a lot of good, but seeing my friends now I wonder if it didn’t condemn young women to fail the cause. Closing the gender pay gap would mean women have to work even more. That’s equity. Telling people they’ve failed if they didn’t reach an arbitrary benchmark set by someone else. That, or at worst I’m a caring chauvinist.

Still, I get discussing big issues with your wife, if she’s your partner, but all to often I see men portrayed almost like dumb children in the media. Maybe they’re internalising it or perhaps it’s just easier not to complain, go hide in a man-cave, lick your wounds, wonder why you would ever commit to marriage. Fuck it, I’ll probably end up marrying a feminist.

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