People responded to my reminder that his words matter by attacking one of his opponents.
Allison Bedford

I agree, you didn’t recommend Clinton in lieu of Trump. That’s one way of not politicising your article, but how does it negate the politically charged statement that readers should not vote for another candidate?

It’s like making a statement about how a mandatory burqa is bad for women, then claiming you’re not talking about women’s rights because you didn’t mention equal pay in the workplace. Omission isn’t negation, know what I mean? It doesn’t matter anyway.

Who is ‘you’ in your reply — me?

I’ve read a few of your articles, and they can come across quite emotionally charged, to the point of seeming a bit aggressive, like the reader has done something to offend you. We’re just reading.

To be clear, I can’t vote in your elections, and even if I could, I certainly wouldn’t vote for Clinton or Trump. Most Europeans following the US elections do so because it’s entertaining. We had a good laugh throughout the second debate, it was like something out of SouthPark.

And yes, that includes Trump saying “grab ’em by the pussy”. I don’t attribute the gravitas to it that you do. I assume he was just acting the big-man, trying to impress his little friend. The media started saying that he’s encouraging sexual assault, and people started calling for his head.

You might think me the devil, but allow me to explain:

Society is constantly trying to balance itself out — like homeostasis — if it get’s a little bit too right, the left pops up, and vice-a-versa. Trump, and the right-sided populism we see in Europe and America, is a reaction to a growing tyranny of the left, in society and the media.

What am I talking about? Orwellian dystopia! Controlling language (political correctness), controlling thought using public shaming (e.g. twitter) and real or feigned moral outrage (most Medium writers), controlling space (exclusive safe-spaces), a unifying fictional enemy (the patriarchy) threatening environments (rape culture, work place) and the pure, innocent and good (the victim). All the ingredients for tyranny pie!

The right is reacting — the problem is that they can also take it too far (banning Muslims from entering your country? building walls to stop Mexicans?) — people get emotional, both sides double down, and bad things happen to everyone but the elite.

Trump exists because of people like you — and I don’t say that to be mean, I say it because I believe it to be true. If you want to stop Trump, I would suggest getting off the high-horse and laughing at what a sad little man he is — maybe grab him by the pussy.

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