Svetlana Voreskova did an exceptional job summarizing my perspective on discrimination.
Joshua Sanders

I don’t know if people are born gay or not, I imagine there is a genetic component to it though. The men I’ve spoken to about this have said they knew from an early age that they were playing for the other team. Yes, you should be able to discuss this issue, but it does beg the question what would change if suddenly we all agreed that gays choose to be gay.

I mean, they would still have a right to choose, presumably. They would still have the right to join together in parades, open clubs and so on. Practically the only difference in knowing whether or not someone is born gay is the satisfaction of the intellectual curiosity. I imagine in reality though, there isn’t a choice any more than heterosexuals choose to be straight.

But yes, freedom to discuss above all else. If people get offended, that’s on them, as long as one is fair and open-minded, we should all technically reach the same conclusion anyway…. yeah right! SJWs are coming! Run!