meets with its merciful end.
An absolutely brilliant turn of phrase.
Ron Collins

I had almost given up hope.

Now I’m starting to question whether we are just debating with the young and enthused, rather than an organised ideology of social hierarchy enforcers. For instance, when I was younger, I was big into animal rights, didn’t eat meat, went on marches, the whole shabang, and I must have been one of the most annoying people to debate with, so full of fanaticism for the cause. To be fair, even now I would prefer everyone hunted their own meat instead of these Kafkaesque factory farms, but damn it I love steak and I’m not going to interfere with someone else loving theirs too. But my point is that the young and enthused tend to rally against whatever the prevailing culture of the day is. And perhaps this is a good thing, like pushing reset on society and rebooting with a fresh assessment of societal values, ensuring societal evolution through survival of the fittest memes (the cultural artifacts, not Bad Luck Brian). So perhaps we shouldn’t be laying the blame at the feet of these dumb kids, and instead should be asking why the generation that has been raising and maturing them has done such a lazy job of doing so. And then there are the older hysterics, but they tend to be spurned cat ladies. Miouw.

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