“The right to execute” is not an issue…except in Muslim countries… so unless you live in such a…
Ryder Spearmann

I think I understand what you’re saying.

I agree, you are free to operate as you wish: to think what you want, say what you want and do what you want, up until your actions fall foul of the non-aggression principle (I take that to read physical aggression).

homosexuality is literally abnormal

If by abnormal you mean statistically abnormal, like a mean average sexual orientation for a given populace, then I agree it is abnormal. If you mean abnormal and in need of remedy, I’m afraid we have to disagree. I see it almost like say, blondes in Turkey are abnormal. Unusual but not a problem.

Do you have negative impression of homosexuality? I ask only because you are talking about a vaccine, which implies something needs to be fixed or improved. If you do have a negative impression, why? I’m not an SJW baiting you into an ambush, I’m just curious.

The only possible downside I can think of, from a species-wide perspective, is that homosexuals would not increase population size as readily as heterosexuals. Given overpopulation and the fact that there’s far too much competition on Tinder for me already…

Besides, nature abhors a vacuum, I’m sure there is a valid evolutionary reason that almost all species exhibit some form of homosexuality, say to provide additional resources to the family unit. But even if there isn’t, it’s not like a few gay genes here and there are a threat to our species.

My feeling is that sexual orientation exists on a spectrum from heterosexuality to homosexuality, and culture shapes its expression. Western culture, based on the monotheistic religions are not exactly champions of homosexuality. Go back to polytheistic Roman or Greek times, it’s a different story. Maybe Svetlana Voreskova or Douglas Milnes can shed some light.

Cooey, this is Sparta!

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