I’m really grateful for this piece.
Shari Nunes

If a woman wrote an article about how women need to step up, you might think it was an unfair assessment, right? I would too, women do not need to improve or impress anyone.

Reverse the roles, and consider that anti-male sentiment, as expressed in this article, is asking men to improve. It triggers reactions in (mostly) men who think it’s an unfair assessment, just as you would if the article were written about women ‘stepping up’.

It’s far closer to sexism than what your average man thinks about women. He may be an idiot sometimes, but he doesn’t think women need to improve themselves, by virtue of their gender. That’s the key bit, treating everyone equally, not asking men to step up because they’re not ‘good enough’.

Feminism is sexism, thinking it’s doing the morally correct thing. Just as chauvinists thought they were doing the right thing by advocating that a woman should be barefoot and pregnant. The road to hell is paved with good intentions…