I get what you’re trying to say, but I don’t think the comparison is valid.

Perhaps its not the best comparison, I’ll admit. My reason for replying to the article is because this petty nonsense is what counts as discrimination nowadays, it’s as if a bunch of millennials have read about the heroes of the civil rights movements and gone yeah, I want to be one of those, and upon finding virtually nothing concrete to rally against, start inventing discrimination and claim to have some insight into or sorority with the women’s struggle of yesteryear. It’s insulting to the women that actually did struggle, and for what, a little ego boost, a minor twinge of moral superiority? It’s just about constructing a metaphysic in which the ego can be heroic, instead of looking at the facts on the ground. Women do still struggle today in poorer areas, and yet we hear about mansplaining and so on — it’s a disconnect between the stated goals of feminism and feminist behaviour. If the above reaches the threshold of discrimination then, my personal suspicion is that the author needs to check her privilege. Society is raising a bunch of fannies, what happened to strong women, bunch of vain children with mass-downloaded opinions, proud victims uniting around their masochistic need to feel righteous anger.

No matter though, not worth getting tied up about in any case, have a good day.