My issue with porn is not about sex as good/bad or any of that.
Jack Preston King

That’s some shocking statistics. Even if they are inflated, or skewed to make the point, the fact that some women get taken advantage of is enough. Perhaps there is a market in making wholesome porn, or a in making a site for the low-down on individual porn producers, like we have for illegal drugs. You can even get your drugs tested at festivals now, by the police. It’s a mature approach, perhaps the sex industry could adopt.

I work in the red light district (not in the sex industry, my office is just in town there) and the prostitutes downstairs seem more than capable of handling themselves — then a few months ago the building opposite got raided for human trafficking. There is an underbelly — not everywhere, but it does exist.

The other downside to porn is what it does in the mind of the viewer. This distance you talk about, if overused. It will only become more defined when VR Porn kicks into the market.

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