That would make sense if nations weren’t fictions invented to guarantee a market to capitalists…
Sven Van Echelpoel

There is more to nationhood than capitalism, like shared history and culture, ethnicity and family to an extent. Besides, I don’t know that nations were invented by capitalists, we have an evolutionary strategy to recognise tribal partners. Even monkeys have tribes that rape and pillage other monkey tribes.

The argument that refugees and immigrants should be treated indistinguishably is different to accepting the distinction, but then asking why there is so much global inequality that leads to mass immigration in the first place. We’ll build better, longer-lasting solutions if we’re honest.

Look what’s going to happen in Europe now — the French and Dutch are very close to electing people’s parties (I predict they will) — how is that going to help the immigrants? Will the far right distinguish between a refugee and an economic migrant? It’s less likely.

We should help others, especially those fleeing war and the impoverished. But we need to ask what is the most efficient way of helping the most people sustainably over a longer period of time. Europeans don’t do enough (for their comparative wealth and fortune of birth), but after the second wave of economic migrants this summer, they won’t do anything: Fortress Europe.

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