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10 countries which account for 2.5% of global GDP host 56% of the world’s 21 million refugees. So what are the rich


countries complaining about?

Four myths about mental health in development. ODI’s Jessica Mackenzie points out a massive gap in standard thinking on aid and development

So post Brexit, what can a mid-rank Northern govt like UK actually do to support devt? 12 smart suggestions from Owen Barder

Depressing if true. Evangelical Protestants & Catholics galvanized the ‘No’ campaign against peace in Colombia, because they didn’t like the agreement’s language on gender equity. Article in Spanish

Exfam colleague, friend and all-round star


Kate Raworth sends off hereagerly anticipated book goes off to the publishers. Doughnut Economics will be published next Spring and will definitely make waves

Globally, children have twice the poverty rate of adults (19.5% vs 9.2% in 2013). New UNICEF/World Bank report

The US election is inescapable:

A body blow to Dilbert fans everywhere. Dilbert creator Scott Adams endorses Trump because ‘Clinton proposed raising estate taxes. I view it as robbery by government. = robbery by government’. Sigh.

‘I have the best data’. If Donald Trump published an academic article. Somehow missed this first time around. Priceless and almost nostalgia-enducing after the venom and nastiness of last night’s debate. h/t Martin Walsh

What do Africans think? Excellent. 2 minute video from Afrobarometer summarizing the results of its polls of citizens across Africa. Very thought provoking

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