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Invaluable tips for managers who need to wing the next meeting.

jargon for managers

Smart idea. Using house prices in Egypt to identify the richest, who are routinely missed by household surveys and tax receipts. Result? Egyptian inequality higher than we thought

Berlin arabic bag

Those who read more than 3.5 hours weekly survive almost two years longer than those who didn’t crack open a book (blogs don’t count, sorry). [h/t Bill Easterly]

This bag was spotted today in Berlin. It reads:”The only purpose of this text is to terrify those afraid of Arabic.” [h/t Tarek El-Messidi]

What working as an FGM counsellor taught me about female sexuality, by Leyla Hussein

Good. Someone’s taking a gendered approach to panels more seriously than just ‘getting a woman on there’.

So the graph shows most people in US aren’t worried about Zika. Oh wait, hold

weird graph

on a minute….. [h/t Scoops Maroon]

Is Kenya’s crackdown on NGOs about fair wages or silencing critics? The wage gap between nationals & expats is proving to be an Achilles Heel

Yeah, yeah, Usain Bolt was amazing (especially for this Jamaican mother), but here’s the real top moment of the Olympics. Step forward the O’Donovan brothers, Ireland’s viral rowing sensations [h/t Paula Radcliffe]

A nd finally, some anarchists put up a nightmare statue of Donald Trump in a New York park, but the best thing about it was the subsequent police statement [h/t James Herring]

trump statue
NY parks statement
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