REMOTE: A book review

Duncan Jimbo
Nov 13, 2013 · 3 min read

First and foremost, it is the work that matters

The best way of evaluating an employee is through the work they do, which is what you are paying people to do anyway. Anything else is most likely fluff.

Work does not happen at work

This is a statement that I agree with wholeheartedly. While I am productive when I’m in the zone, my most productive hours tend to be when I am in an environment free of ringing phones, calls to meetings, and other assorted distractions. While these are necessary in their own right, they tend to zap away productivity. This is why people have resorted to methods such as not signing into email accounts for a certain number of hours to get work done. It might also explain Apple’s introduction of the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS devices.

Commuting is a b*tch

Let’s do simple math. 30 minutes spent commuting and another 15 spent getting to your car and into the office amount to approximately 300-400 hours per year spent in your car. Adding up the numbers makes this really really painful.

Remote work is a luxury

Every time I talk to people and mention the fact that I work from home or from Starbucks at times, they immediately say how much they wish they could work from home. So yeah, it’s definitely a luxury that some of us have.

The employer benefits from remote work as well

IBM saved/made billions by selling and leasing property when they instituted telecommuting. So the argument that only the employee benefits from having the freedom to work from anywhere is a dud.

We have the technology

Instant Messengers. Google Hangouts. WebEx. GoToMeeting. Even email. This is obvious. Need I say more?

Talent is out there

Talented individuals live all over the world. Limiting yourself to the city where your company is based does not allow you to tap into the creativity and genius that exists out there in the world.

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    Confused African. Wannabe Jamaican. Lover of Kenyan tea.

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