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Good explanation, Paul.

Last night I saw two threads emerge on FB (one on Indivisible Sacto Group page and one on Roseville Resistance Group page) that started with a screenshot of this BAAR posting showing your comment. The threads quickly exploded with with accusations, innuendo, vitriol, character assassination, and off topic comments. It was really disappointing as a follower of both these Group’s pages. I maintain, that the people making the original post should have contacted you directly prior to posting. It seems from the context, that they did not. This makes me question their motives. Also, I was disappointed in the Group Admins in both cases; in one case the original post was approved by one of the Group moderators. Did they contact you for clarification prior to approval of the post? Doesn’t seem like it. The Roseville Group isn’t moderated (or wasn’t).

I understand that there are others out there alluding to “other actions” on your part, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of it. I asked for it in each thread, and got more incoherent screenshots as well as what I can best describe as circular logic. When I challenged the relevance and veracity of the information therein, I then became the target as “not understanding screenshots”, “defending you”, etc.

My concern was that these threads were way out in front of the facts presented. Seemed like people were pissed off (and perhaps scared) and looking for a reason to justify their feelings. I wasn’t looking to judge the merits of the case, because I don’t think there was enough coherent information to do so. I was moved by the way the Groups named were co-opted so easily. I’ve written to Admins of both Groups expressing this concern.

I’m left thinking that “before the truth can get out of bed, a lie has been around the world.” It’s a problem in general and especially in our current political atmosphere. I encourage you to keep pushing for sanity; it seems like you’re doing good work.

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