History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Great article and you nailed it in your highlighted sentence near the end. In my 60 years in New Zealand I think we are living in the best times ever but we often don’t take responsibility to sort out our issues … too much alcohol and not enough education. Maybe we are bored and want drama.(Brexit) I love watching the History channel (sometimes called the Hitler channel) and now see how important an understanding of history is. (Usually written by the victors) The problem is that most voters don’t watch it but watch ‘reality TV’ hence Trump. I read that Tom Hanks was voted Americas most trusted living person and I bet if he had seriously stood for office he would have had a good shot and the movie studios would have funded and profited from it.

The problem is similar to Richard Dawkins explaining evolution to religious followers Christian, Jew, Muslim and others …. its too complicated. Climate change….complicated. History …. boring and complicated. Trump … entertaining, captivating, just like Putin and others.

Trump followers are lead to believe that ‘globalisation’ is destroying their lives/economy but all these people have smart phones and can buy stuff on the internet from anywhere on the planet. America has succeeded using cheap labour after WWII and then exploiting cheap labour overseas now these countries want USA’s biggest cultural export — a middle class lifestyle — it starts with Coca Cola and jeans and leads to cars and a nice house. These people see that the key is education and hard work and soon they catch up and pass USA in many stats, especially education.

In my country too some people are anti TTP but the Genie is long out of the bottle and no amount of political force can put it back in.