All Religion Is Blasphemy

This has been apparent to me for many years, but for some reason I hadn’t seen it as clearly as I do now. Every religion that exists is based on the idea that there is a self that needs to do something to get to God. That’s basically what religion is.

It’s been clear to me for many years that everything that appears to be happening is God. God is all there is, literally. There’s nothing else but God. The story that there is someone who needs to get to a god that is somewhere else is clearly a direct denial of God. It’s pure blasphemy.

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Religions are clearly constructed for the purpose of reinforcing the sense of self. Those in positions of power use religion to consolidate their power, and the “followers” of the religion toe the line because it’s a way of reinforcing their sense of self: “I am good and they are bad” / “I will go to heaven and they will go to hell” / “I’m doing it right and they’re doing it wrong”

But it’s the self that’s the “problem.” It’s the illusion of being a separate self, the illusion of there being something separate inside the body, that can never find what it thinks it’s looking for. The self misses God by the very act of asserting that it is separate. God is everything. God is not elsewhere. God is not separation. All there is is God. The self misperceives everything as being related to itself (and other) and in the process God appears to be lost (forgotten). But God is never actually lost, because God is all there is. God cannot be denied by the self, because it is God that is also appearing as the self denying God.

When I talk about religions, I’m not just talking about the traditional organized religions. I’m talking about any system of thought and belief that places salvation in the future. This includes:

  • Thinking that you’ll be happy when you have enough money
  • Searching for “the one” to have an ideal relationship
  • Seeking to know more and more so that you can finally “understand”
  • Wanting to be liked by everyone or held in high esteem
  • Believing that power and control will solve all your problems
  • Trying to become “perfected” in some way
  • Hoping to finally be “healed”

Note that at the very core of all of these religions is a concept of self, a self that will achieve or get something at the end of a “path” or journey. But all of these religions are simply ways of worshipping idols, false gods. They are systems of worship that create a god in the image of the self: god is angry; god is good; god is righteous; god is valuable; god is powerful; god knows everything. The self creates this false god in its image (or anti-image) and imbues it with its own amplified qualities (or perceived anti-qualities). This false god might judge or punish or hate. This false god might demand respect or loyalty; it might be a jealous god. This is not God. This is the self.

In a covenant that was given to us humans through the prophet Moses, one of the signs that God promised was that:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

This is not a commandment. Who would God be commanding? Why would God command anything to do anything? God is everything. Why would God command part of itself to have no other gods apart from itself? Not only that, why would God be jealously commanding people not to have a god other than God. There is only God.

What Moses delivered is not a commandment but a promise, and it’s part of a larger collection of promises (a covenant). What was delivered was, in fact, a sign that God is recognized. [When I am recognized], thou shalt have no other gods before me. In other words: when God is recognized to be all there is, then you will have no other gods. This is not because you must not, but because you could not! It’s impossible to have other gods before God because there is nothing other than God.

It is only the illusory separate self that would have the arrogance to interpret this promise in the perverse and blasphemous way that it has so often been presented. It would only be the separate self that could project jealous selfhood and separation onto God.

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Most of what is spoken about God is deeply profane and blasphemous. Nearly all of it is a denial of God, a masking-over of God with a projection of the self.

So if God is all there is, then why does God allow this blasphemy? Because God is also the blasphemy and the blasphemers and the blasphemous concepts. God is the religions and the religious people. God is the wars and the killing and suffering as well as the love and peace and caring. God is free to be anything and everything. God is not subject to rules or restrictions. God is everything conceivable, everything that has happened, everything that is happening, and everything that will happen. God is the alpha and the omega. God is unborn and without end.

And of course you don’t have to worry about being “punished” by God for all of this blaspheming. First of all, you don’t exist. There is only what seems to be happening, and that is God. There is no one to punish. Also, there is nowhere else to ever be apart from God. So even if there was a “hell,” that would be God. Even if there was a “heaven,” that would God. No matter what seems to happen, all there is is God. There is no way of escaping from God, and there is no way of finding God. It’s not possible to find what is already everything, and it not possible to lose what is already everything.