“three people underneath yellow bed blanket” by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

I Love You Like Shoes Love Feet

Duncan Riach, Ph.D.
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read

like fingers love keys,
like cars love roads.

I love you like mountains love clouds,
like cats love lasers,
like the rough nib of a pen loves the words that flow from it,
words it will never understand.

I love you like electricity loves wires,
especially the curly tungsten wires
in light bulbs.

I love you like hatred loves enemies,
like light loves dark,
like fear loves surprises.

I love you like a dog loves the sound
of the garage door,
like pizza loves cheeze,
like old stately homes love vines.

I love you like a rose loves the dew
that settles briefly on its petals,
like doors love exit signs,
like fridges love magnets.

I love you like death loves cancer,
like the ocean sometimes loves ships
too much,
like the moon loves the earth.

I love you like the internet loves porn,
like the large hadron collider loves neutrons,
like peanut m&ms love peanuts.

I love you like light loves black holes,
like the big bang loves space,
like Schrödinger’s cat needs the litter tray
by now.

I love you like honey loves bears,
like the wind loves flags,
like contact lenses love eyeballs.

I love you like waves love beaches,
even before the beach forms
the wave
and even after the beach breaks it.

I love you like hummingbirds love stillness,
like sunlight loves dust,
like earthquakes love buildings.

I love you in all these ways,
but most of all
I love you like shoes love feet.

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