😁 you are funny.
Spirit Dharma

I’m funny partly because I’m an experienced comedian.

There’s no one there. What you’re demonstrating is just the arrogance (blind suffering) of a puffed-up self-illusion. My self tried to take ownership of non-duality too. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nobody that you can mislead and nowhere to be misled to.

I’m not a teacher. I have nothing to teach. I’m just apparently sharing.

As a trained therapist, I recommend that you take a look at this obsession with making other people wrong. Consider seeing a therapist; I do. It’s worth addressing these things on a personal level. Even though they’re part of the perfection of what is, they can be unwound. And if and when the illusion of self is seen through, they will probably start to unwind on their own.