Day 18: My Knee Healed

It’s day 18 and I still feel great all day long.

I injured my knee pretty badly in Amsterdam on August 20, when I slipped in my flip-flops on a wet, polished-granite sidewalk. Even though I was not working-out much, it was failing to heal. On August 31, I stopped running on it for nine days, and stopped CrossFit for two days. Then for nine days of CrossFit, I was very careful to not stress it, modifying my workout to protect it. Today, I did my first air-squat after a break of 11 days. It’s now completely pain free, and doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. This was an injury that I was worried might end up needing surgery, and it seems like this lifestyle plus a lot of care has led to it healing completely.

While doing my afternoon vipassana meditation session yesterday, a friend called and needed support. Initially, I stopped meditating, but then I decided to meditate while talking with her. I was scanning my attention through my body while listening and responding. I ended up having a really deep and intense meditation session with really strong full-body flow and at times a feeling of immense amounts of mettā flowing out of my body to her. I found myself responding in ways that didn’t involve any thinking, and what I said seemed to hit home really powerfully, leading to her bursting into tears several times. I’m starting to think that I might actually be able to get paid for practicing vipassana, as a coach or therapist.

Since I started doing this challenge, it seems that Cindy and I have had no serious arguments. Sometimes Cindy gets a little Hangry (Hungry and Angry), but that’s about it, and I seem to handle it really well, taking care of her (feeding her) and loving her through it. I think that this lifestyle is really good for our relationship.

For the many people who are inspired by what I’m doing, I want to reiterate that this system is designed to provide a minimal amount of structure to my life, and to bootstrap awesomeness, but not to impose any more structure than necessary. Apart from the times I get up and go to sleep, nothing else is fixed in time (although I do tend to do things at the same or similar times each day). This structure frees up enormous swaths of highly-productive, unscheduled time.

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