Cindy in the sprinkles pool at the Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco

The Simplicity of Life

I have psychotherapy every week. I meditate now and then; I meditated this morning. I go to work. I exercise frequently. I try to sleep for eight hours per night, and I try to go to sleep at roughly the same time every day.

But that doesn’t mean that anyone else should do those things. Some people would get nothing from therapy. Some people don’t need to meditate. Some people need less sleep than me.

Cindy and I were walking to Starbucks this morning. I looked at her and told her how beautiful she is. She’s stunning. I think that people stare at her because she’s stunning, but I actually have no idea why people stare at her.

I said, “If only people could see you the way I see you!” I wondered if there could be an Instagram filter for that. But maybe everyone does see her the way I see her. I have no way of knowing.

I said, “What if all these people could know that they don’t really exist?” But as soon as I said that I realized that we might be the only people in the world who think we’re real. Just us, stuck in our delusion, surrounded by enlightened beings; the dogs, the cats, the birds, and the humans.

There’s no way for me to know what anyone else needs or doesn’t need. I cannot advise anyone about anything. I cannot recommend anything. I cannot teach anything. All I can do is live my life the best I can by letting what is happening do what it’s always done.

The river keeps on flowing. The wind shakes the leaves. The birds make their strange sounds. And life goes on.