>> Scheduled for block 614,400 around November 10, 2020!

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We are pleased to announce that, after another lengthy period of development and testing, the protocol version 5.5 of Dune Network will land on Mainnet at block level 614,400, around November 10, 2020.

All nodes must have been upgraded to the commit ec0b2f8b6e6cc02191b0f652af76dab82ccb6df1 downloaded from the mainnet branch of Gitlab no earlier than October 27, 2020. The git tag protocol-5.5 has been created to mark the revision commit, i.e. general revision 5 of protocol 5.

Nodes that have not been updated by this time will automatically stop validating blocks afterwards. …

The markets may have been red and the fear index high, however, the #duniverse continues to expand at ever-increasing speeds! With so much having happened in twelve months, it would be amiss of us not to take a brief moment to once again thank every single person who has made this possible. The strong community have made Dune Network what it is today. So strap in tight and stay duned, the next twelve months are going to be a wild ride!

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Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

What is Dune Network?

A simple question you might think. With so many other blockchain projects and smart contract platforms fighting for a place at the table though, it is an important one. …

Traditionally, September is the month financial markets cool off ahead of Q4, and the cryptocurrency markets seem to be no exception to this. Some say it is an “August hangover”, however, there are no sore heads in the #duniverse! Plans and implementations are being honed and timed, ready to roll!

So, before we move forward, let’s review what has been going on!

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Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Website upgrades

A project homepage is one of the most important aspects of successful branding. It is the first impression a potential new member of the duniverse has when doing their research. This is why it is so important our homepage is representative of Dune Network; Dynamic and efficient. …


DUNE network

A secured Web 3.0 platform designed for enterprise-grade decentralized applications.

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