INSCHAIN — A Blockchain Based Insurance Workflow Platform

What is InsChain?

InsChain is the world’s first customizable insurance platform based on scalable blockchain technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence.We are the insurance of the future!

InsChain is a blockchain-based insurance project founded by senior American actuaries, risk management managers and first-class experts in insurance, investment, artificial intelligence and big data.

The InsChain platform supports new insurance business models such as P2P insurance as well as a series of traditional insurance workflow processes from underwriting to claim settlement. Inschain platform is designed specifically to address insurance industry pain points.



InsChain highlights

  • Innovations in insurance products and business models
    With long and successful careers in the global insurance industry, the insChain leadership team has an in-depth understanding of the bottleneck of traditional insurance business and strives to build a healthy ecosystem of insurance business by combining their expertise with cutting edge technologies.
  • Blockchain technology and network security
    Core team and advisors have led world-class large-scale blockchain projects and successful startups. They have strong expertise in building scalable and secure applications for both Finance and IT industries. On the insChain platform, they are committed to building blockchain-based insurance applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Data scientists have solid experience in building cloud computing projects in Silicon Valley startups. They bring state-of-the-art deep learning model experience in both text mining and speech recognition to building exible and user-friendly apps for the insurance ecosystem on the insChain Platform.
  • Insurance Services Public Chain
    Insurance experts are working with world leading experts in cryptography, P2P network protocols, network security and consensus algorithm experts to develop the 3rd generation blockchain public chain which can best serve insurance applications.

InsChain Team

The insChain management team has broad and deep experiences in related fields, such as insurance, actuarial and blockchain technologies. We strive to overcome hurdles in traditional insurance industry and the general lack of trust and security in insurance process by utilizing blockchain-based insurance applications.

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