500 words!

I have been staring at my laptop’s screen for the last 2 days, thinking about what shall I write in my medium this week, “I haven’t attended the last session about VICE media… should I do a quick research about the company?” After writing almost 375 words about VICE media, I went to my friends on the next day reading what I wrote for their feedback; they said, “Honestly, very desperate to be on a blog!” My mind is shut, the submission due in few minutes and it’s already 11:56 pm!

This made me think how do writers and real journalist write every day? How do they get inspired?

“The desire to write comes easily; writing itself is technical and hard.” Rachel Cusk is a professor of creative writing at Kingston University.

I spoke to a friend of mine that works as an editor in a press agency, I asked her “how can you do writing for a living, isn’t it hard?” “Writing is tough, I do agree with you, especially if you are a journalist, as you need to keep all your emotions aside, and to keep updating yourself in order to grow and be recognized in our field. I love my career because I love to express people’s opinions and discuss issues of the public opinion; I strongly believe that journalist is the fourth authority and it can impact and develop the societies” Rola Maddah — Editor

“I was in the fifth grade when I realized writing would always be a part of my life.” By Whitney Faber

I truly believe that writing is a hard skill but yet it is one of the most powerful tools to clearly communicate your feelings, opinions, arguments, etc…. The researchers showed that writing has a positive impact on our happiness level, writing our goals, dreams, and achievements can lighten up our mood. Also, a recent study studies showed that people who tend to write their hard time and express their feelings are more able to manage and handle their breakdowns.

“It may have changed over time. You may not even know why you write. But just seeing the reasons on paper can sometimes be the motivator to write that first — or last — difficult paragraph.” By Whitney Faber

When we were assigned to write 500 words biweekly, I felt that it will be a very hard task to me, and I knew that I will be struggling with the topic choices, and structure. After publishing my first blog, I decided to try to be more focused and to find ways that will ease the writing process on me. I started reading more about the topic before writing and tried to find different types of writings. One of the most useful methods you need to consider before writing is breaking down your thoughts and to have subtitles for each idea you have.

Writing sometimes can be hard, and it might take more time and effort than you excepted, but it’s a very powerful skill with massive benefits that we need to consider to have it as a practice on our daily life routine.


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Writing is hard. Why does it?

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