Duniabooking Referral Campaign

Duniabooking is a ‘One-stop booking platform’ that facilitates providers and their consumers with a variety of features such as booking engines, marketplaces, trusted review systems, mobile application, and others. As a technology partner, Duniabooking aims to provide a better interaction experience between providers and consumers. By reducing costs for the use of third-party platforms, the vision of Duniabooking is to enablìng providers to focus on more resources in providing better value and services to consumers and users around the world.

Referral Campaign

  1. You will get the referral link when you login in the website https://duniabooking.io/login
  2. You need to share this referral link to your friends via social media or email.
  3. Once your friends registered via your referral link and activate the account, you will get 5DTN each account registered.
  4. You will have opportunity to get more tokens when your referral buy tokens.
  5. When the purchased tokens confirmed by our staff, you will get 5% DTN of purchased value.

To check total token you earn from bounties and buying a tokens, you can check it into this link below:


Duniabooking — One-stop booking platform
Website : https ://duniabooking.io
Whitepaper : https://duniabooking.io/#documents
Medium : https://medium.com/@duniabooking

Official Telegram : t.me/duniabooking_official
Official Indonesian Group : t.me/duniabooking_indonesia
Duniabooking News Channel : https://t.me/duniabooking