Parsing the global opportunity report 2016 (work for food and food for work)

Today on the Norwegian radio P2, they mentioned the Global Opportunity Report conducted by It aimed to highlight

|“concrete routes to reach the global aspirations for a sustainable and resilient world”,

and contained 148 pages of pictures and text.

The report is now read and compared to the previous year. Fortunately, the documents have the same magnitude. I would like to share these figures, of the nouns counts that come through the strongest change in the reports. Nothing sophisticated, just counts.

The word that dropped most significantly in number was ‘water’. It has lost 90% of its use from the previous year report, and fell from the second most used, to bellow the 60th place.

The word opportunity maintained first, but was cut by a third part.

Other words included in the 15 most abrupt falling green, fuel, fossil, energy, weather, extreme, finance, politics all hit around 90% depletion and more.

I saved the best for last. New emerging words (Morphy dictionary takes www for a noun, but here we would not).

Largest equal leap for antibiotics and ocean.

Please look at the new groups.

Food related group: food, farming, waste.

Work related group: work, job, youth, skills, closing (‘closing the skills gap’), market and labour. The last noun did not make the 15 cut, but came right behind.


World and resistance.

The absolute top is given here at the end. Where does this leave us? I do not know. Probably it is a good idea to read the report nevertheless, or start with image recognition : )

Alina Astrakova 26/01/2016

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