The drone technology is yet another commendable development that is helping diverse operational areas of delivery business. However, the question still remains whether the drone delivery business is worth the money.

The biggest advantage of using drones is the drastic reduction in the cost of human labor and delivery time. But economically speaking, using drones for delivery may not pan out to be exactly what one would imagine.

There are two factors that affect the economics of drone delivery. The first is the drop size which is the number of packages that are delivered by the drone in one delivery run. The second is the route density that refers to the number of dropoffs per delivery run. …

The police of Scotland, in 2017, laid out plans to start the trail on using drones. The two locations chosen for the trail were Inverness and Aberdeen.

But it was not until March of 2018 that three drones, each costing £35,000, were deployed in the sky. Their primary task included searching for missing people, tracking criminals, and surveying traffic conditions and incidents.

Similar trails also took off in counties of Cornwall and Devon. Drones equipped with HD cameras searched for missing people and monitored road traffic. They even were used for capturing crime scene incidents — something the Helicopter response service currently does.

After a year-long trial, the police department decided to conceive a separate unit in 2016 solely responsible for bringing in drones into its practice.





UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, are getting adopted by the modern day society. The reason for increase in interest in this technology is also the cost. The appeal of the technology has been further enhanced by declining costs of drone equipment which is reducing initial outlays and offering the potential for a quicker return on investment.

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Uses of Drone in the society has increased in popularity and are commonly used for delivery purposes, surveying wildlife, and assisting law enforcement operations. Perhaps most critically, the employment of agricultural drones within the farming and agriculture industry is of the most pressing interest, with its far-reaching and ultimately transformational effects.
Here is the 6 revolutionary ways producers and farmers are using agricultural drones today to reform and modernize the agricultural arena in ways never seen before. …

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