It’s Not About You — It’s About Everyone Else

Andy Dunn
Apr 14 · 2 min read

From an email I sent to some Walmart employees this past week:

As you may know, I came to Walmart through the acquisition of Bonobos in 2017. At first, I had no clue know how to operate in a larger environment. I loved the company — but I didn’t know how to get things done. I felt I wasn’t delivering. It was confusing. Sometimes frustrating. Occasionally maddening.

So I went to Doug, our CEO, and asked him for advice. He said this:

You’ve gotta ask a lot of questions.

From that conversation, I began to take an intense interest in how people who are really successful here are doing it. I began to take an intense interest in the problems they were having, the opportunities they saw, even the dreams they had about what they saw for this company, and for themselves.

What I’ve discovered is this place is entrepreneurial, scrappy and customer obsessed. It’s full of benevolent and passionate people who all want to win.

The trick is how do we learn from each other and how do we do it together.

Take some time this week to learn more about your peers and colleagues.

You’ll be surprised by how taking an interest in other people, not you, is the best thing you can do… for you.

Andy Dunn

Written by

Andy Dunn

Student of primates @bonobos. I love cilantro but love even more the people that hate it

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