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This is not a new strategy.

In April 2012, I wrote an internal document titled “What is Medium?” Here are some quotes from it:

It should be clear by now that Medium will be a publishing platform that is also a network. It will serve both producers and consumers of content by linking things together in useful ways and making the whole…

Papas, please let your babies grow up to be princesses

I’ve spent the past year talking to a LOT of parents and their kids for Jewelbots.

I, a black stain

What it’s like to be an African migrant in Israel

Editor’s note: Emanuel Y. asked that his full name not be used. The views expressed in this

This Door is the Epitome of User Experience Design

So why do most software companies struggle to adopt its brilliant formula?

It’s a door

13 Lessons Learned

by McConaughey

Short and sweet or long and salty? A sugar donut or some oatmeal? Out of respect for you and your efforts in getting your degree, I thought long and hard about what I could share with you tonight. Did I want to stand at a podium and read you your rights? Did I want to come up here and just share some really funny stories? I thought about…

Medium is not a publishing tool

Twelve years ago, I was heading Blogger at Google and frustrated we kept losing users to our competitors, like Movable Type from Six Apart. A common phenomenon at the time was that people would start blogging on Blogger — because it was free, popular, and easy to set up — and then “graduate” to more powerful tools.

How to Avoid Making Huge Mistakes with Life’s Big Decisions

The Mistake

When my wife and I had been married for a year, we made a decision to purchase an apartment. It remains, to date, the worst decision we’ve ever made.

These 5 Steps to Being a Better Boss Are So Obvious

1. Remember that everything stems from the top

There, I Said It: I Like Tom Cruise

Virtually all academics I know, especially women, abhor the Hollywood star.

Highlights have come to the Medium app — this is going to be big.

I rarely weigh in on this stuff because of the obvious appearance of a conflict but I’m going to come out and say highlighting is going to be a ubiquitous feature very soon in networked reading environments like Medium, in other words, all of the reading environments that are going to matter in the next few years. Pages that don’t…

Goodbye dad

edited by Adrienne Lieberman and Sarah Lieberman Weisz

So one of the things you’d notice about my father, if you ever watched him tell a story, is how right…

Write about anything on the web with the Medium bookmarklet

With the “Write on Medium” bookmarklet installed in your browser, the entire Internet is your writing prompt. What the heck is a bookmarklet? Well, it’s a magic little button that gives your web browser Medium’s writing super powers.

Install the bookmarklet, and next time you’re reading something on the web…

Does the dressing room have a lock on a real door?

That’s what she asked me, and I didn’t think anything of it at first.

I’d been telling someone who happens to be a woman in the bike industry about my years-long pledge to write the ultimate epic “Bike Shops 2.0” essay, about how badly the bike industry needs to change from top to bottom to have a future in the US…

Is it ever OK to be cruel, nasty, brutish and short?

Cliff-notes version: no.

This morning, I went to pick up a rental car in New York City from the Hertz on W. 34th Street. It was busier than usual and as soon as I took my place in line, I was informed that the computers were down and the two women working there were processing everything by hand. There were six people ahead of…

The Millennial Party

Should we start one?

The core platform would not be too hard to agree on, as most people under 35 don’t disagree about things which to them are…

Designing for Disappearing Interfaces

Considerations for 2025

by David McGillivray

“I will answer very simply, that the internet will…

No One’s Gonna Remember You

Scooter Braun, the man who found Bieber, Psy, and Ariana Grande, talks growing up and making an impact with the time you have

An Open Letter To The Person Who Robbed My Family

You tore off the lights my children had hung to bid welcome to the faeries who live in the forest behind our house. They worked for two…

A Letter To Sheryl Sandberg

The same thing happened to me. You will get through it. But you will never get past it.

When a plane lands, I always look out the window.

You won’t believe why.

10 years ago, I was flying in Denver International Airport (DIA). The weather was warm…

Do Something

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis: bad things. We are gripped globally for a few news cycles, then we move on.

The Dickonomics of Tinder

Yes, women are using Tinder to get laid. No, not with you.

By Alana Massey
Illustrations by Ana Benaroya

What happens after you’re arrested at a protest in New York.

I just got back from 12 hours in NYPD holding. If I can get arrested (with all of my white privilege and generally perceived non-threatening stature), so can anybody. In total over 1,000 people protested yesterday in New York, and over 120 were arrested. Here’s what that experience entailed for me:

The Difference Between Living in New York and San Francisco

After living in New York for 5 years, I recently moved to San Francisco. Neither city is clearly superior, but there are…

How to be patient

Tim Ferriss asked this on Twitter today: