How to ReTweet Tweets on

The art of content propagation on Twitter (TWTR) was severely disrupted in 2009 by Twitter (TWTR) when they (unwisely?) introduced the so-called “native retweet.” Social media experts are still divided on the question of what the correct way is to share another’s tweet — to ReTweet. Some people have suggested alternating between ReTweet methods, but this leads to what is called brand dilution, and is largely responsible for their low follower counts.

Fortunately, there is one method that you should be using all the time.

How to ReTweet Tweets on

First, open the tweet in your preferred web browser (Internet Explorer on PCs, Camino on the Mac):

Here, popular troll @RlCHARDDAWKlNS engages with other Twitter (TWTR) users.

Second, use the Inspect Element tool in your browser to locate the content of the tweet:

This may look slightly different in your browser.
There’s a lot of meta-data surrounding the tweet that you can safely ignore.

If you want to create a Modified ReTweet (an “MT”), edit the tweet content as necessary:

It’s also possible to edit and remove mentions, hashtags, and links as needed.
Make sure not to alter the original meaning. Hit <enter> to finish editing.

Screenshot the tweet in the form in which you would like to ReTweet it:

Then prepare your ReTweet:

See how many characters we save this way.

Make sure to begin with “ReTweet” (the capitalization is important), then mention the user you are ReTweeting, so they appreciate your propagation of their content.

That’s it!

This is the best and only good way to ReTweet. Klout actually penalizes you if you do it the other ways.