Nils Leonard’s Manic Professional Dream Girl

A dramatic reading

*clears throat*

The perfect modern creative is a woman. Because I realize that our industry’s culture needs to change, but I’m not willing to take the lead on that.

She won’t have the credentials that we demand of women, but we’ll accept her anyway because she’s “one of the guys.”

But we’ll still call her “this girl.”

She won’t allow history, pay grade, job title or age to stop the candid conversations that will ultimately make the work special (good thing too, because even though she’s one of the guys she won’t be paid as well).

She moves fast and breaks things, including unions, and is totally down with kegerator culture. She reminds me a lot of the woman in that one Ayn Rand novel.

Her best friend might be a planner. Her lover might be a producer. Whatever the fuck that means.

She won’t be a weird introvert, because that’s not attractive to me.

She’ll buy into the ideology of work as play.

She won’t be political in any way I find threatening.

My name is Nils Leonard, and I’m a creative.