Internet Marketing & Social Media

It can take a lot of time to keep up with everything happening online — and that’s time that you aren’t running your business! Who has all those hours to keep up Twitter, Facebook, and everything else on a daily basis? And then there are online reviews, your directory listings — the list goes on…

By using a portal to help you manage and stop on top of this, you can accomplish the same task in a fraction of time, which turns an impossible task into one that might actually help you grow your business. There a few key things that every small business needs to know about.

Directory Listings

Directory listings are sites like Yelp or Yellowpages, that are intended to capture information about businesses in a certain city. What you need to know is that these listings can change! The reason for this is that there are over 300 directory sites, but only 4 data aggregators. They exchange data like a big spiderweb in a somewhat chaotic and unpredictable manner unfortunately, and errors can propagate around the web without you even knowing it. If you have a good search engine rank, this is something that you should be looking at protecting.

For example, suppose you used to have a different telephone number. One of those 300 sites picked up your listed and decided to carry their own copy of your information. Then your phone number changes at some point. You don’t know about their listing, since you never asked for it in the first place. So you have the ones you know about changed, but this other one is still hanging out there. It can potentially mess up the others if you don’t fix it, too.

If these errors aren’t caught and fixed, they create conflicting signals with Google which have can adversely effect on how your website appears in search results. Thankfully, there are solutions to addressing this.

Social Media

While I’ve already mentioned social media, I want to emphasize again because if you’re going to create company accounts for your business, then you need to monitor them. Customers very often use social media to share their experiences about a business. They can also be very cost effective advertising platforms, if you know your target audience.


With over 80% of people now looking your business up online before they even consider calling you, reviews can make or break your business. Nobody ever likes to get a negative review, but it may not be the end of the world if you respond to it properly, promptly, and professionally.

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