The Most Effective Ways to Control Termites

As the problem of termites is common in Brisbane, diverse methods are used for controlling their infestation and eliminating them. It depends on the extent of their infestation that which method will remain best. Though professionals are well aware of these methods and the situations in which they should use the particular one, a normal homeowner usually gets confused that which method he should choose.

Well, instead of taking the decision yourself, you must get the place inspected by the professional experts and should let them choose the solution that would be best in that case. But still, you need to have complete knowledge about the different treatments available there and also about their effectiveness. For your convenience, here we are are mentioning the most effective methods used for termite pest control in Brisbane.

  • Termiticides

Pesticides that are used for controlling and killing termites are known as termiticides. They can be applied to the soil or wood depending on the type of the termites. The liquid treatment applied to the soil targets the subterranean termites and when applied to the infested wood, it targets both- the subterranean and drywood termites.

Liquid termites treatments are also applied to the foundations, during construction, to prevent the termite infestation.

Termiticides can also be used in the gas form to target large infestations of termites, which are inaccessible or hard to locate.

  • Bait Devices

Bait devices are commonly used in conjunction with the termiticide treatments to control the colony of termites. Firstly, termiticides are applied and then, monitoring stations are fixed to check the termite activity. Once the termite activity is confirmed, bait devices are fixed at the place of monitoring devices for termite extermination. Monitors and the bait devices are the best pest controllers, in the case of low infestation.

  • Heat Treatments

Heat treatments control the termite infestation by removing the moisture and moderate temperatures from the place, which are essential for termites’ survival. Large heaters are set up near the termite-prone areas and when turned on, they raise the area’s temperature to a great level that is not tolerable for the termites.

This type of treatment is effective in termite control but you still need to apply another solution for future termite prevention.

  • Electronic Termite Control

In this treatment, a copper wire is used to run an electric current through the wooden material, where termite colony is located. When high-voltage, high-frequency current is sent through the wood, the termites are killed in that area. In order to make this type of solution successful, the accurate location and size of the colony need to be identified. Electronic termite treatment is appropriate for small infestations and it does not provide protection from future infestations.

No matter how easy it is to implement these treatments, you should always rely on the professional experts for termite pest control. Their experience and expertise are the big weapons that let them exterminate the termites completely.