The Earth Is Kept From Spinning Off Its Axis By Unblinkered Madmen
Caitlin Johnstone

Brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant. And I refuse to be an unthinking automaton, buying more and more stuff. Well, actually did buy some booklets and a Free Assange T shirt earlier at the Free Julian Assange Rally in Melbourne. Must fully commend the Socialist Equality Party for all their highly principled efforts. And no, I’m not a member, but you can call me a staunch ally. We’re all in this shit together, we all have the same enemy, we are all being crushed by the same system run by complete psychopaths. You can choose to remain an isolated, alienated individual relentlessly treading water, or you can join with like minded people who also see how warped the World is, how Neoliberalism and Imperialism continue their dark destruction of society, of the environment, of entire countries. Courageous, brave truthtellers like Assange and Manning are incarcerated. Others are fully ignored. War criminals like Cheney, Blair, Howard, Obama, and Rumsfeld walk around completely free. That tells you how the Empire’s 'justice' works. Yeah, sometimes I really feel I’m going mad, sometimes I think I am bloody mad, most of the time I cannot comprehend the level of brainwashing thruout Western 'democracies' the blindness of what is actually happening, and anyone who has a different view to the mainstream narrative is howled down as a Putin stooge and a Russian troll and told they are 'being Orwellian’! And these people can’t even get the irony of what they’re saying.