Cloud technology in Mobile Application Development

Cloud technology is a internet based computing used to share resources and data to computers and other devices. Mobile app developers are provided with a way to link their applications to cloud storage and cloud computing services with application programming interfaces exposed to their applications and software development kits.

With this technology users can access the applications and data though browsers running on different mobile devices. The major problem for mobile app developers is to create an app that can be run smoothly across all mobile devices. There are different tools on mobile cloud technology to solve these problems like MEAP and HTML5.

The MEAP Platform will check that the data sent to the mobile device from the mobile cloud fits on the mobile device screen and convert data into a user friendly interface for the mobile device. Meanwhile, HTML allows you to determine what the end-mobile device is and information is send to a device with certain set of dimensions.

Framework : MobiByte

MobiByte is a mobile cloud application development model to improve the quality of mobile applications performance, efficiency, and execution support. It uses multiple data offloading techniques to support a large scale of applications.

Some Advantages of Using Cloud technology in Mobile Applications:

  1. You can access apps and data from your device as long as you connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.
  2. Mobile cloud computing allows for multiple platform support. You don’t need to stick to a certain platform.
  3. More security apps can run in cloud to provide protection for mobile devices.
  4. Mobile cloud is mostly free of cost. It will not charge any for licensing and upgrading.

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