But I’m No Theologian

Well I just completed reading the entire Bible. I made a few notes inside my actual Bible as I was reading, but decided this time around I wanted to expand upon my thoughts. I don’t plan on reading as aggresively as I did the first time, so re-reading/writing will take a bit longer than before but will hopefully produce satisfying results.

What qualifications do I have to write my thoughts on such a “deep” “heavy” and thought-provoking work of art? For starters, I can think. Secondly, I can read. Finally, I can write. If those aren’t enough perhaps the fact that I have a history degree from an accredited Christian university with a minor in biblical studies might lend some support to the notion that I am capable of conquering such a feat. But I’m no theologian so if anyone else is reading this, don’t use my words against me (but feel free to dish out as much praise as humanly possible.)

I’ve been going back and forth as to which Bible plan I shall select for my reading. Do I want to go straight-through? Old and New Testament together? Historical? Canonical? Also, does it matter that my writing might not be edited well and I will use the excuse of “I prefer the style of implementing my stream-of-consciousness?” No matter.

Again, if anyone is reading this, loving suggestions and input are welcome.

I shall end on “…be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.”

1 Corinthians 16:13–14

The verse seemed fitting.