Meeting people on the team

The last practice I had was on Sunday night. It’s been about 6 weeks into practice and I’m still getting to know people on the team! On Sunday, it was announced that we were able to leave early if we wanted to and instantly, everyone started heading for the door except for one girl that seemed to just stand there and looked disappointed. I mean I was disappointed too driving 25 minutes from home all the way up to practice is rough so I like to make my times worth. She says, “I kind of want to stay and hit” and I thought well so do I and so I said “I’ll hit with you if you want to stay!” And that was when I made another friend on the team. Her name is Roni and I learned that she came all the way from Nigeria. It’s so amusing to know that people from all over the world do the same things from other parts of the world such as playing tennis. Unlike most people, Roni and I are both very passionate about tennis and love to play anytime and anywhere. It’s our stress reliever and it is so important to us. She even missed the bus back to her dorm because she stayed after to hit with me. Its so nice to meet someone that appreciates tennis as much as I do. Even though we all play tennis, everyone has their own reason for playing.