The benefits to Sports

(That’s my tennis racket in the pic above I also do photography hehe) Sports are pretty expensive to start out with! So in order to help afford everything, we tend to do lots of fundraisers and volunteer a ton! The best part about it is we get to bond with one another and help other people and our team. In high school we did so many events such as the 2k lucky race in Minneapolis, car washes, fundraising with selling items from door to door.

I remember having to wake up at 5 am just to get ready and go and when selling door to door, it took me 3 hours for a whole week to sell everything! It’s good though because we also advertise our sports team and get a lot of support from families and neighborhoods who are very friendly. Here’s a pic of the sun rising from getting up so early!

At the University of Minnesota, we have done things such as selling frozen yogurt on campus at the store and a certain percentage would go towards our fund which was very helpful!

Playing tennis really helps me to set goals. It makes me work harder to achieve that and helps my in life with being able to set a goal and work my way to complete it step by step. It’s not easy sometimes but it does take hard work. But when I reach my goal, it’s such a great feeling honestly. I like to work with my guy friends that play tennis because something about boys they are just so much better than girls at tennis especially since they are stronger and taller! So I like to play with people on a higher level than me to help me improve. It helps me to challenge myself. If I play with people my level or people a lower level than me, I won’t be able to improve that way! So I like to challenge myself. I can definitely apply this to real life situations as well. Always challenge yourself :-)!!!

This week’s practice, I got to play with a ton of guys and they are crazy good! At first I kind of embarrassed myself for looking so bad compared to them but then I was able to adjust myself. It took time but I was used to hitting with guys in high school (to improve as I mentioned earlier) so it wasn’t all that bad and was actually super fun! It was so nice being able to make new friends. I feel like there is always someone new every time I go to practice. On Wednesday I was able to work with Coach Kevin individually as well and he really helped me to train. It was nice to have support from the coach himself and he was super honest. If I had a bad shot he would encourage me with ways to improve or would tell me what I was doing wrong and that was helpful. I’m glad he didn’t lie and tell me every shot was good because it obviously wasn’t. It was a great opportunity though because most practice there are way too many people and he didn’t even know my name until Wednesday when I was able to drill with him individually. It’s great to have so many people to work with and help me achieve my goals. I love it so much

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