The statistical facts

As you may have heard, extracurricular activities benefit you a lot in both the long and short term run.

In my opinion, I have also mentioned earlier that tennis has been a great stress reliever for me. Not just tennis specifically but sports in general and clubs that get my mind off of everything. Tennis is my number one stress reliever though because when I’m playing, I’m focused on the game and ONLY the game. Plus, it’s my favorite sport to play and I absolutely have so much fun when I’m playing it :-) It knocks down more than one thing at once. I’m making new friends, having fun, and exercising all at once! It also helps me create new friends and meet new people. I know this is true for me but I wanted to see if it was true for others as well. I wanted to see if others could benefit from these types of activities.

I decided to do a little research into reading a couple of articles and interview a couple of people to get their insights and to see from different perspectives other than my own.

In one of the articles I read on essai, a fact was stated that “students who participate in extra curricular activities are less likely to drop out and more likely to have a higher academic achievement”. Since 2002, drop out rates have decreased 40% now that students participate in extra curricular activities. That is crazy amazing! It does make a huge difference.

I also interviewed a couple of people that were involved in activities in both high school and college!

I interviewed a couple of people but today I will just be talking about my interview with my older sister who did extra curricular activities in high school and is involved now as a junior at the University of Minnesota.

Her name is Vy and in high school, Vy was involved in being a coordinator of national honors society, skills USA, lacrosse, tennis, volunteering with the local library, feed my starving children, cornerstone, raking leaves for elders, ping pong, heritage days. She is now involved in SASE and NSSLHS at the University of Minnesota.


Why do you think you extra curricular activities benefit you?


“It can be a great stress reliever and experience new things outside and inside of the school. Meet new people and expand your knowledge and practice new things that you may not be able to pick up due to school. If you make time to do these things, you’ll have something to put into your agenda and will give you a sense of responsibility. It’s kind of like a motive!”


“How did you find time to manage all of this?!”


“Pretty much I have to stay on top of things, stay organized. Time is so precious and that is why I am able to manage my time and not spend too much find on one thing than another thing. Time management is key”.