It’s funny as writing an article with Medium

I love reading for several years. Writing something is a habit that I have not ever thought about it. Until Twitter releases new blog platform called Medium. The user interface is very clean and simple. All we need is a simple idea to spread out and Medium helps us to the rest.

As I am entering to another paragraph, Medium suggests me using its common functions, more detailed as the picture below:

Functions suggested as I enter to new paragraph.

…and insert an image to this blog is could not be easier. I use Windows 7 and search for snipping tool. After cut an image somewhere from a source appearing on the screen, I use combined keyboards: Ctrl + V to paste it.

Capture a picture and add to medium easily.

I am not used to writing for a blog, but Medium encourage me to do it as I have something new to share. At last I would try to insert breaking function of medium:

*so interesting*

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