If you are given $2000 for destroy one website. Would you say yes?

My father is a doctor, he left 2 years ago because of cancer. Remembering him, I always admire how much he put into work, he got a small hospital by his own at the 20m@ space which is a part of my house. Every summer, I laid back on sofa, with my dog lying next to. I could see him happily working out every sweat for one patient, always with a smile, sometimes he comes to the kitchen and grab a cup of water so I could observe him passing by, fast and full of spark joy. Before he left, I already know how crazily cheap the sell out the drug (it was very popular in Vietnam that the doctor sell an amount of limited drug on his own), my mother often told the family that we could get richer somehow when my father manage to increase the price a little more, or the cost for checking service just a bit more, it does not matter since it’s still too far from the current common cost at the city (my hometown is 3rd biggest citi in Vietnam, which namely quite expensive, trust me health check in Vietnam is not worthy). But that idea just ended up till my father left, the cost is still the same years after years.

I wonder if someone, who is bravely enough to build an e-comerce platform so everyone could access to know the real price of each drug in Vietnam, so they would not get driff off by the doctor.

But then the first question you saw from this article came to me.