Indirect shipping service

Indirect shipping service

So I was on the way thinking back how to solve the problem with Ding Doong Journey, in a very pour rainy day and at the glass window watching traffic go off the crack.

Instead of direct shipping, like 1 person deliver some contains from A to B then B to C

We can have 3 different accorss point section. A who is on the way to his university, take to product from section 1 to section 2 which the road included on his way to school, then B can take that same box from section 2 to the section 3 which is also included in his own plan for driving that day, or even the right address because it’s just 2 minutes further, he got extra point for that.

So basically everyone has the own plan for every day of driving, I need to cross that section in order to arrrive my workplace. Fortunately, I could leave my house 5 minutes earlier to drop by the section 3 near by to grab some needs from section 4, because section 4 is happened located near my company, I earned some points.

Everyone can be shipper, instead of carry your bag only, you re still can earn some cast after all.

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