Don’t make an ass of yourself!

It’s not worth it

If you think of an ass what’s the first thing that comes to mind?, ok not the body part, the animal.

I’ll make it easier, what’s the first thing that jumps into your brain when you look at this picture?

Chances are you’ll be thinking of nothing exciting, words such as routine, boredom, sadness and hard work jump to my mind whenever I think of an ass.

So why all this talk about asses?

Because we tend to make asses of ourselves, particularly pertaining to facing the challenges of life.As ass is bred to take on heavy loads and be dependable in very harsh working environments, an ass only knows really hard work, supreme endurance and crude instructions, rest and light weights aren’t in its mind, just heavy hard work.Does this sound familiar to you?, maybe it is you?.

It may be that you’ve been told that the world is a ruthless place and that you shouldn’t expect anything from it, except if you work really hard and keep your head down you may earn something from it.You’ve also been told that the world doesn’t owe you anything, no one owes you anything, its true, it doesn’t and they don’t.

So if the only way forward is hard work and the expectation is a slow hard grind to success why wouldn’t we become asses to each other, it’s just natural that in a place where utility is favored above anything else, being an ass or having the biggest ass is best practice.

If someone is being an ass to you they are only really misplacing your greater worth and hoping you’ll never look for it, by burying it underneath layers of insults, manipulation and ass conditioning, the more you try and lose the ass the more you become one, because remember, the world is a brutal place, only asses survive.

If this seems off check the Bible, it’s full of stories of people being asses to each other, I mean chock and block full of them.The book doesn’t even give you any instructions how to defeat asses, but it does have a bit to say about handling them, or actually getting out of trying to handle them, turns out you can’t.

Ok, what am I saying thus far?

Either you’re an ass or someone is being an ass to you.

How can I be an ass?

Simple, try and handle the weight of all that is shoveled your way, keep your chin up and self-help yourself up the hill the world is, alone.

Sounds fun?, nope, why?, because there’s a better way, actually, only one way, what if someone could do the hard work for you, what if there was a person who was like the ass of asses, the kind of ass that makes other asses cry out of sure shame?.

Where would one find such an ass?

In a stable.

No surprise there, aren’t all asses generally found in stables?, yes, but this ass is the one I mentioned earlier, he makes other asses weep, he’s a beast.

What’s so special about this ass?, well this one was bread to carry everyone’s weight, all of it, the stress, the guilt, the mid numbing emptyness, everything.Imagine you could give all that away, all of it, and have the freedom to move freely, the freedom to live beyond the next load, the freedom to have space for something else than more weight, freedom.

Jesus Christ is the biggest ass you’ll ever meet, and when you do, you’ll know why.


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