Going the distance.

A few thoughts on follow through.

One of my favourite songs is Micheal Bolton’s I can go the distance which features in the animated movie Hercules.The song speaks about getting to a place where you’re headed, and that’s about it, there’s lots of other elements in the movie to spice up the mission, but in the end the character Hercules wants to arrive, to go the distance.

And I won’t look back, I can go the distance And I’ll stay on track, no I won’t accept defeat It’s an uphill slope But I won’t loose hope, ’till I go the distance And my journey is complete, oh yeah

Going the distance isn’t easy, that’s why the song “works”, most people can identify with the challenge of following through.The verse above paints a picture of why it’s hard to follow through, looking back or around causes us to leave course and fall short of arriving.Looking back or around takes the hope we have of arriving at our destination and devides it by the myriad of experiences we’ve had or the ones we’re experiencing, causing it to dilute .

Diluted hope isn’t fun, in the same way lukewarm coffee and undercooked food isn’t fun. Somethings are great in a in-between kind of way, like leftover pizza, but hope, hope was not designed to live in the middle but rather to live at the extreme becuase hope gets you trough extremes.

Hope got me through studies, breakups, mistakes, insults, failures and whole host of experiences that where extremely trying. Hope, when utilized, can bear many blows, but when hope is abcent the force of the blows gain a steering power over us which makes us nomads instead of pilgrims.

A nomad is a perpetual traveller, always moving somewhere, a nomad has no home, he makes one wherever he arrives.A pilgrim by contrast isn’t merely travelling but going to a specific place, normally a place of special meaning and significance and returning to his home after he’s been there.

How to go the distance.

1. Decide on a destination.

If you’re a tourist in a city you most likely have a few sight seeing plans to areas that have a certain prominence, being a tourist is a pilgrimage to experiences becuase you’re headed to more than a place, usually a tourist attraction has some sort of historic or cultural significance.Going the distance means identifying the destination you’re headed to and keeping the reason you’re going there front and center.

2. Don’t travel alone.

A golfer rarely gets a great swing by themselves, usually they rely on a coach and regular exercise to craft it.We can’t go the distance alone, even Jesus had 12 guys with him while going the distance.

3. Identify your home.

Going the distance is not just how far you go, its also how you return.No one would advertise their homes as tourist attractions, mine surely isn’t, but in a sense it’s my favourite place to return to, even if I’ve seen amazing places.Identifying the spaces we call home helps us to have place of substance while going the distance.Home is where you are most authentic version of yourself, going the distance means taking that person with you so you don’t get lost.

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