I’m in Love with YO

Why I changed my mind about YO in few weeks

I’ll be honest with you, I first thought YO was a joke. Then, when I realized it wasn’t, I was quite skeptical.

An app just to send a “YO” message to your friends? Seriously?!

Few weeks later I completely changed my mind about it. What happened in those weeks?

YO released API!

Then everyone started to write about Yo API, from social networks integration to internet of things.

At that moment something became very clear: possibilities are just endless!

I was fascinated by the concepts of “zero characters communication” and “the notification is the message” and I decided to give YO a chance.

There are three factors that really made this process easier:

  1. YO API is insanely simple
  2. There is a lot of code out there to study
  3. The YO team developed several “basic” services

I spent a sunday afternoon playing around with the API. I started with simple steps like: personal blog integration to notify new posts; backend integration in our games for internal use; etc.

When I was pretty comfortable with it I developed ALLYONEEDIS, a very simple Yapp that sends you a picture per day or on demand, in your YO account, based on your preferences (cats, food, girls and more).
2 hours and 20 lines of code.
(Note: few days ago ALLYONEEDIS has been added to the official YO Index.)

Something impressed me during that sunday afternoon. I sent few (actually a dozen) emails to the team and they replied to each of them, almost in real time.
Every. Single. Email.
Well… sometimes the “zero characters communication” was really close to the zero ☺ but… still impressive!

Now I’m observing the “YO universe” really close, not only with curiosity but with respect and interest. YO (both the app and the API) is evolving really fast and I think we’ll see incredible things.

I’m just wondering if YO might become in the near future a game changer. We’ll see.

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